Our Objectives

The long term objective of NaCSA is to enable aquaculture farmers to adopt sustainable and environment friendly farming practices to produce quality and safe aquatic products such as shrimps, scampi and fish for export and domestic markets. NaCSA will facilitate links between aquaculture stakeholders and strengthen farmer societies, and farmers to facilitate formulation of common policies, strategies and voluntary guidelines to benefit farming community as a whole in the country aiming at a ‘bottom up’ approach. The Main objectives of NaCSA are,

  • Promoting better management practices to improve aquaculture productivity and profits
  • Capacity-building and empowerment of primary producers
  • Facilitating improved service provision
  • Connecting farmers to markets to receive a better price for quality product
  • Technology transfer and diversification to other commercially important species
  • Supporting improved food security and sustainable livelihoods in aquaculture communities